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Why Property Owners Need Water Submeters

Water submeters can save property owners a lot of money, prevent headaches, and avoid costly repairs. Learn how submeters helped quickly detect a leak caused by a resident’s cat.

Alexis and David had been together for three years and lived together for one. They were ready to take the next step in their relationship, and adopt a cat! They went to the humane society and found the most perfect little kitten. They brought her home and named her Stevie. They found out very quickly that Stevie was obsessed with water. Any time water would turn on Stevie would bound into the room and stick her paw under it in total fascination.

After a week Alexis and David finally felt comfortable leaving Stevie and went on a date night. They had an amazing time and decided to see a late movie after dinner.

Hours later, Alexis and David opened the door to see Stevie
perched over the kitchen faucet, staring in fascination at the stream coming
out of the faucet and running down the cabinet.

Alexis and David immediately turned off the water and started
cleaning. They had not asked the landlord for permission to have a cat in their
apartment, so they didn’t want management to know anything.

The next morning, they contacted their neighbor who was traveling. Once the neighbor returned home, they discovered there was damage to the walls, ceiling, flooring, and cabinets. David called in vendors and paid for repairs, even giving the neighbor gift cards in exchange for her silence. Alexis and David hoped that would be the end of it.

What Alexis and David did not factor in was that their unit was submetered for water usage. The billing vendor saw the spike and called management to let them know the unit’s usage was irregular on the evening in question and to go check on it. The manager arrived while repairs were underway.

That month, Alexis and David paid $75 for a cat they continue to adore, $900 for repairs, a big water bill, and a tough discussion with the property manager. Needless to say, they have cat-proofed the faucets and received written permission to have their cat in the unit, after paying the water bill. Water submetering and watchful third-party billing companies can save property owners in ways beyond the “oopsie” caused by a frisky kitten.

Submeters add value to a property, recover utility expenses that the owner would otherwise have to pay, encourage residents to conserve utilities, and can also be an early warning system of a leak that might otherwise go undiscovered until a lot of damage is done.

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