AMR Products

For orders of 10 or more:

GWF H200 Radio Module

GWF H200 Radio Module

Utility-grade LoRaWAN encoded wireless transmitter for Truety AMI integrations. IP68 rating offers flexibility for indoor & outdoor installations. Compatible with all GWF encoded meters.  Long range and 15 year battery life. FCC/IC certified.

Truety Wireless Indoor Gateway

Truety Wireless Indoor Gateway

The Indoor Gateway is purpose built to service Truety’s indoor AMI. Ideal for multifamily buildings offering superior indoor network coverage, the Indoor Gateway’s compact size includes a 4-hour back up battery, an integrated cell modem and an ethernet connection.

Truety Wireless Outdoor Gateway

Truety Wireless Outdoor Gateway

Truety’s AMI outdoor LoRaWAN Gateway. Ideal for mobile home parks and small utilities offering best-in-class range and reliability. Comes with built-in cell modem, PoE and high gain antenna. 

Truety Charles Display

Truety’s AMI centralized lobby display for California multifamily projects. Eliminate the need for individual meter displays with CTEP approved encoded display for wireless & wired applications. Easy to use 10″ display. 

Inovonics RDL8500 Remote Data Logger

The RDL8500 remote data logger is a data logger for the TapWatch submetering system. The RDL8500 interfaces to the wireless network for collection of utility consumption data, stores the collected data, and transfers the data to a remote billing server for bill generation. A PC running TapWatch 3 software is used to access the RDL8500.

Inovonics EN6540 Network Coordinator

The Inovonics EN6540 network coordinator bridges messages between your submetering application and the Inovonics EchoStream wireless network. The EN6540 configures network parameters, enables network features and monitors network performance.

Inovonics EN5040-T Repeater With Battery Backup And Transformer

This sophisticated line-powered 900 MHz repeater receives, decodes, and re-transmits signals from Inovonics Wireless EchoStream® series transmitters. The EN5040 acts as a “range expander” for any Inovonics Wireless EchoStream transmission that it “hears”, allowing the Inovonics Wireless installation to scale from smaller commercial sites to large campuses with several buildings.

Inovonics ES1501 EchoStream Pulse Meter Transmitter

The Inovonics ES1501 TapWatch transmitter is designed for use with any pulse-output meter in an EchoStream TapWatch submetering system. TapWatch transmitters are compatible with virtually any meter with a pulsed output, including meters from AMCO, Badger, Master Meter, Invensys, ista North America, and many others. The included mounting options facilitate easy installation.

Inovonics ES1501-XL EchoStream Pulse Meter Transmitter With 20-Year Battery

The Inovonics ES1501 TapWatch Transmitter Is Designed For Use With Any Pulse-Output Meter In An EchoStream TapWatch Submetering System. TapWatch Transmitters Are Compatible With Virtually Any Meter With A Pulsed Output, Including Meters From AMCO, Badger, Master Meter, Invensys, Ista North America, And Many Others. The Included Mounting Options Facilitate Easy Installation.

Inovonics MetraMeter Register

The Inovonics MetraMeter register is used to retrofit previously installed 5/8″ Neptune T-10 meters for use in the Inovonics TapWatch submetering system. The RF transmitter is protected inside the easy-to-read register.

Hexagram/Star Network AMR Transmitters And Data Collectors

Hexagram’s automatic meter reading transmitters and data collectors provide FCC-Licensed, clear channel transmission of water, gas and electric meter readings. In point-of-use allocation billing, Hexagram’s run-time transmitters eliminate the need for installation of gas submeters.

Quadlogic Scan Transponder-5

The Scan Transponder-5 is the central point for Quadlogic’s patented Power-line Carrier communications technology. The Scan Transponder-5 communicates with all of a property’s Quadlogic meters over the existing electrical distribution. The signals are capable of crossing over a transformer, so a Scan Transponder-5 on a 347/600 distribution can communciate with meters on the 120/208V side of a transformer.

Quadlogic IQ² Software

IQ² is Quadlogic’s new web-based package for easy energy monitoring, energy usage analysis, and tenant billing. IQ² provides an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and web access to metered energy data and tenant billing applications. Property managers and building engineers can easily monitor metered loads for consumption (kWh) and demand (kW), analyze usage and demand over time, prepare measurement and verification (M&V) reports, and produce tenant invoices.

Quadlogic IQ

Quadlogic’s IQ Software is a data retrieval software package that interfaces with Quadlogic meters and systems for true AMR (Automatic Meter Reading). IQ Software accesses, organizes and stores the meter data necessary for bill generation and system maintenance. Quadlogic Metering Systems are used by utilities, third party billing companies, property managers and building engineers.

SpeedRead Transmitter

The SpeedRead STx Transmitters are the devices that interface with the utility (water, gas, or electric) sub meter and provide the basis for the collection of the meter reading data for the fixed network AMR system. Since 2000 SpeedRead Technologies has connected tens of thousands of water, gas and electric meters to the SpeedRead STx Transmitters in numerous apartment communities, high rise condominiums, manufactured home communities, privately owned and operated utilities and municipal water systems.

SpeedRead Concentrator

The SpeedRead Concentrator provides a robust solution for fixed network meter reading information, collection and storage. The regional concentrator unit receives and stores transmitted data from thousands of utility meters utilizing the SpeedRead technology, and conveys the information via a modem, to a central control system that utilizes the SpeedNet AMR software.

SpeedRead Repeater

Increase the area of coverage for the installation of the STx Transmitters. By forwarding the received transmissions of STx units that are out of range of the Concentrator, the repeater can save on infrastructure cost. The new aluminum case allows additional protection from the elements and makes mounting easier as the device is equipped with its own mounting plate for flush mounting or mast mounting with a clamp.

Radiopath Metering Automation

Radiopath offers a new level of wireless utility submetering technology designed specifically for the multifamily and small utility industries. Although apartments, condominiums and marinas have been realizing the benefits of wireless metering for years, only now can they get the complete package including operating software. The True Read metering system works with most electric, gas and water meters and accommodates most metering outputs such as encoded, pulser and switched.