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Increasing your NOI and Cap Rate Drives Us.

A successful utility recovery program is all about the tiny details. Bills have to be accurate, and on-time. If you have meters, they need to perform. We are the only company with nearly real-time meter reporting. If you’re using an allocation method, it needs to be designed to accurately reflect usage. Utilities are among your biggest expenses, a good utility recovery program will provide a big boost to your bottom line. 

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We’re Bigger Than You Think

Six straight years on the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing companies, and we provide service in 47 states and 11 offices across the US and Canada.

Property Management Integration

We map your billing fields directly to your property management software so your team sees the data they need in the place they expect to see it. Changing billing companies is virtually seamless to your team.

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Meter Performance

Things happen. People tamper with meters. Batteries die. Sometimes meters don’t report usage. We provide access to near real-time software to show how your system is performing, and to highlight what needs to be checked. 

Our Onboarding Process

Your dedicated Account Manager will coordinate with your previous billing company. If you don’t have a billing company, we’ll collect a rent roll and address scheme and help you communicate the transition to your residents.


Data Collection

We collect your rent roll and address scheme. We work with your utility providers to send the master bills to us.


Approve Pre-Bill

You’ll be asked to review the pre-bill for your units to make sure everything is A-OK.



Your team attends a 30-minute training for your new resident billing portal and learns the move-in and move-out process.

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