Electric Conservation Products

Electric Conservation Products

For orders of 10 or more:

100W Amertac Screw-In Programmable Light Control

This digital programmable light controls saves money and energy because lights are on only when needed. This control senses light levels and automatically turn lights on at dusk and off at a user programmed time.

100W Auto-Off Light Control

Always forget to turn off lights? Let this light control help and save you money and energy at the same time. This control automatically turns lights off after 15 minutes. Works with incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs!

13W Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb

Equivalent to 60 watt standard incandescent bulb and on average uses 73% less energy usage than conventional light bulb. Extra-long life, lasts 9 years (10,000 hours) and Energy Star-listed. 2-pack.

CC Vivid PAR 30 LED Light Bulb

The Vivid Par 30 is a great bulb for use as a floodlight. It provides 150 Lumens at 4.4 watts. You could run the bulb for 12 hours a day for a whole year and keep costs below $3.

CLED Night Light

Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology creates suitable yet energy efficient light. Niagara’s LED Night Lite can be used in any room where there is an electrical outlet.

Intermatic Programmable Lamp And Appliance Timer

esigned to provide safety, security, and convenience, the Intermatic programmable lamp and appliance timer comes with two on/off settings and features convenient programmable settings with non-removable trippers. A 15 Amp capacity controls lighting and there’s a manual override on/off switch for added safety.

Sylvania SA140 Digital Lamp And Appliance Timer

The Sylvania 15 Amp zip-set digital lamp and appliance timer automatically turns on lights at sunset while auto-adjusting for seasonal time changes. The unique zip-set system allows the timer to be programmed simply by entering in a ZIP code.

Electric Energy Saving EcoKit

The electric energy saving EcoKit includes a refrigerator thermometer, a lime light, three CFL light bulbs, twelve draft stoppers, one air filter whistle and the energy wheel, a convenient energy conservation tool, the energy wheel gives users helpful tips on ways to conserve energy daily.