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Vision Cat M1 Electric Meter

Vision Cat M1 Meter

Say goodbye to manual reads by seamlessly installing a cellular enabled electricity submeter. Directly connect to meter reading platforms such as MeterConnex without relying on communications platforms within a building.

Leviton Mini Meters

Single Phase & 2 Phase KWh Meter
Designed for residential applications, these 100A, 200A, and 400A electric submeters are perfect for metering electric consumption or production for nearly any 120V 2-Wire or 120/240V 3-Wire application.

Leviton EE Modules

Single Phase & 2 Phase KWh Meter, Epoxy Encapsulated
These epoxy-encapsulated Mini Meters provide additional protection in harsh environments. Perfect for marinas, RV parks, or any other outdoor application where an existing enclosure can house the meter module.

Leviton Blue Series

The Blue Series is available as kWh only meter or a kWh/demand meter. It is available for both single phase or polyphase applications.

Leviton Mini Meter

Outdoor Surface Mount
The Mini Meter incorporates the latest digital technology in a small compact design. It comes with a watertight outdoor surface mount case with an external mechanical counter.

Leviton Mini Meter

Indoor Flush Mount
A flush mount enclosure allows installation of the Mini Meter within an interior wall. This design is perfect for in home/apartment metering.

Leviton Mini Meter

Multiple Meter Units
For applications where it is convenient to group two or more Single Phase meters in one enclosure, Mini Meter Multiple Meter Units (MMUs) provide excellent value. Less wall space is needed for MMUs than for individual meters, and less installation time per meter is required because meter voltage connections can be pre-wired at the factory.

Leviton Solid Core CTs

The 100A & 200A color coded CT’s assist with correct installation by indicating phase monitored. All Leviton 100A and 200A solid core and 100A, 200A, 400A split core CT’s have built in open circuit protection which prevents high voltage from appearing on secondary leads if wires become disconnected while CT is under load.

Leviton Split Core CTs

Split core CT’s are also available for applications where power cannot interrupted during installation. The 100A, 200A, and 400A split core models offer a 1% accuracy. All Leviton electric submeters are compatible with hardwired Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) or wireless AMR, including Inovonics, Hexagram/Aclara Star Network, Speedread and Radiopath.

e-Gauge Systems EG3000

Chosen for reliability in the commercial and industrial sector where the ability to hardwire a network connection is a necessity. React to demanding equipment loads instantaneously with user customized Email and SMS alerts. Regulate peak demand with real-time second by second data streams.

e-Gauge Systems EG3010

Ethernet & HomePlug AV
Preferred by most for its ability to broadcast a data signal over the existing electrical wiring in a residence or small commercial space, this “power-line communication” unit can reduce cost by eliminating time spent running new wires. Empower customers with an affordable tool that can monitor: main feeds, hot water heater, range, pool pump, sump pump, HVAC, lighting, entertainment room, and solar production all with one device.

e-Gauge Systems Split Core CT

Split-core current transformers (CTs) allow for easy measurement of individual conductors within an electrical distribution panel. Each CT can be “split” and attached without disconnecting a conductor from it’s respective breaker.

EKM Metering EKM-OmniMeter I V.3

Revenue Grade, Single-phase 120V 2-wire or single phase 120/240V 3-wire, 120V to 480 volts, 3-phase 3-wire 120 to 400 volts or 3-phase 4-wire 120 to 480V, 50/60Hz , 50/60 Hz Supports CTs from 100A to 5000A.

EKM-OmniMeter II UL V.3

The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approved version of our Universal EKM-Omnimeter. This meter is both UL and cUL (Canada UL) Listed, and has been tested to CSA standards. Single-phase 120V 2-wire or single phase 120/240V 3-wire, 120V to 240 volts, 3-phase, 3-wire 120 to 240 volts or 3-phase 4-wire, 50/60Hz, 50/60 Hz Supports CTs from 100A to 5000A.

EKM Metering EKM-Omnimeter Pulse V.4

The Omnimeter Pulse v.4 comes with 2 controllable relay outputs. These can be controlled via RS-485, either locally or over the internet from anywhere in the world using the EKM Dash. You can set the outputs to be high or low to drive an external relay. The Relay Control Outputs both provide up to 50 mA at 12 volts.

EKM Metering Split-Core CT, 200A

These 13mm Split Core CTs are easy to install: simply snap these current transformers around the wires being read. They are very compact and can measure the current used in the majority of residential electrical systems. These CTs are designed to be used in conjunction with our Omnimeter line of electric meters for any load from 1/4 amp to 200 amps.

Quadlogic MiniCloset-5c

The MiniCloset-5c (MC-5c) meter offers Quadlogic’s same reliable MiniCloset technology re-engineered into just one box. This small footprint saves space, while maintaining ease of installation and cost-savings. The MC-5c provides interval data as well as real-time power diagnostics by phase. All metering data is securely store in a non-volatile flash memory.

Quadlogic S-10

Leading property management companies all over the world depend on Quadlogic systems to provide reliable and accurate electric meter readings. Quadlogic meters provide all the data you need to bill tenants, allocate energy costs and make smart energy decisions.

Quadlogic S-20 Submetering

ANSI compliant socket meter with PLC to deliver a robust and reliable communication network. No new infrastructure is needed, just plug and read using your existing MV-90 or compatible system to collect timely and accurate interval data through a single collection point.

Quadlogic RSM-5c

Quadlogic meters provide all the data you need to bill tenants, allocate energy costs and make smart energy decisions. Utilizes existing electrical wiring for communications. Requires no dedicated hard wires, additional modules or attachments for communications.

Quadlogic RSM-5

Commercial digital electric meter with revenue-grade accuracy. Full two-way communication with integrated PLC and interval data down to 5 minutes (kWh and demand (kW)).

E-MON D-MON Class 1000

Single-Phase KWh Meter
Class 1000 kWh meters are fully electronic, low cost single-phase KWH meters for monitoring electrical usage. E-CON Series meters install easily in minutes without power interruption. Perfect for apartments, condominiums, tenant billing, common area management, lighting circuits, or anywhere single phase energy is used.

E-MON D-MON Class 2000

Three Phase KWh Meter
The E-MON D-MON kWh Meter is a fully electronic, low cost three-phase KWH meter for monitoring energy consumption. The E-MON D-MON installs easily in minutes without power interruption and can monitor energy consumption from a single circuit to an entire building. Applications include office buildings, malls, hospitals, restaurants, or anywhere three phase electricity is used.

E-MON D-MON Class 2000

Three Phase KWH Meter (With Demand)
The E-MON D-MON kWh/Demand meter is a fully electronic, easy to read KWH/Demand meter that installs in minutes without power interruption. Features include a 8-digit display showing KWH and KW (demand) usage with a date/time stamp. Perfect for applications where KWH peak demand charges become an issue.

E-MON D-MON Class 2100

Three Phase KWH Meter (With Wireless Communication)
The Class 2100 three-phase meters are ideal for installation in commercial and industrial applications where three-phase metering is required, but installation of communication cabling is costly or not possible. The meters are equipped with built-in wireless transceivers that communicate with the self-configuring wireless network to send interval data to E-Mon Energy software.

E-MON D-MON Class 3000

Load Profiling Meter (With Communications)
The Class 3000 Load Profiling Meter is a low cost, easy to install KWH/Demand meter displaying kWh, KW with peak date and time, real-time KW, amps per phase and volts per phase. The PRO-MON is capable of interfacing with other types of utility meters including water, gas, BTU, etc. The PRO-MON can communicate with the RightEnergy system for automatic meter reading and billing and/or load profiling.

E-MON D-MON Class 4100

Wireless Residential KWh Meter
The Class 4100 single-phase meters are designed for installation in multi-tenant residential facilities where tenant allocation is required, but installation of communication cabling is costly or not possible. The meters are equipped with built-in wireless transceivers that communicate with the self-configuring wireless network to send interval energy data to E-Mon Energy software for tenant billing, load profiling and energy analysis.

D-MON Green Class Meter

E-Mon D-Mon Green Class meters offer environmentally conscious users the ability to establish benchmark energy usage data, monitor usage trends, record the impact of energy conservation efforts and measurement & verification of ongoing effectiveness of energy savings programs. The meter is ideal for complying with various programs including LEED, EPACT 2005, demand response and renewable energy initiatives.

E-MON D-MON Multiple Meter Units

E-Mon’s space-saving multiple meter units are available in configurations containing up to 8, 16 or 24 meters. MMU cabinets may contain any combination of E-Mon D-Mon class 1000, Class 2000 (kWh * kWh/Demand) and standard Green Class Meters. MMU cabinets may contain meters of different voltage configurations. (i.e. 208V & 480V meters inside a single MMU enclosure.)

E-MON D-MON Wireless Socket Meter

Complete wireless electric socket meter package with built-in “under the glass” wireless transceiver. The installer is able to simply “plug-in” the wireless socket meter to the existing socket and the built-in transceiver will automatically configure to the wireless network.

E-MON D-MON Split Core Current Sensors

E-Mon’s unique split-core current sensors allow E-Mon meters to be used in virtually any applications. The current sensors allow for easy installation without power interruption. The sensor leads are supplied from the factory at a length of 3 feet. The installer can extend these leads up to 2,000 feet using #14-22 AWG wire (consult local codes for proper sizing).

E-MON D-MON External Wireless Module

The EWM external wireless module retrofits existing E-Mon D-Mon Class 1000 & 2000 meters for wireless compatibility. When plugged into an existing meter, the module self-configures to the wireless network to transmit interval energy data to E-Mon Energy.

Intellimeter i-meter 45

  • Multi-customer Metering System (MCMS) or multi-load meter.
  • Supports up to 45 Current Inputs, programmable for single or poly-phase applications. From 120V to 347V L-N.
  • This Multi-Customer Metering System was created with the installer in mind. Installs easily by connecting the ribbon cables to the meter and mounting the enclosure next to the panel.
  • Various communication protocols: ModBus RTU or TCP/IP, BACnet MSTP or TCP/IP and pulse output.
    Measurement Canada, California (CTEP), UL and CSA approved.


  • All i-meters® are self-powered, eliminating the need for a second power source.
  • 600 VAC 3 phase 3 wire delta systems will require additional potential transformers.

Intellimeter i-meter 636

  • Multi-customer Metering System (MCMS) or multi-load meter.
  • State of the art electronic kWh meter with onboard data logging and/or ModBus-RTU for mew and retrofit installations.
  • Supports up to 16 Current inputs. The compact design is great for applications where tenant or energy cost allocation is important.
  • Programmable for 1, 2 or 3 element metering configurations, from 120V to 347V L-N.
  • Ideal for demand side management with local or remote display units.
  • Saves space and reads real-time V, I, W, VA, pf, THD and energy consumption, meeting LEED and billing requirements.
  • Various communication protocols: ModBus RTU or TCP/IP, BACnet MSTP or TCP/IP and pulse output.
  • Measurement Canada, California (CTEP), UL and CSA approved.

Intellimeter i-Meter Electric Vehicle Charger Meter and Controller (EVCMC)

  • Meter and bill for the electricity used for each car charger, including time of use rates.
  • Monitor the main service demand to ensure that the maximum demand is never exceeded.
  • Alternate the loads to ensure that maximum ampacity of the feeder is never exceeded (avoid tripping the main breaker due to overload).
  • Combines a three phase 120/208VAC distribution panel board, rated at 250A, 12 two-pole 40A breakers, an i-meter45, individual contactor for each charger circuit and a controller that is programmable to set a timer for each charger.
  • Logic and monitoring to protect the existing infrastructure to allow the shifting and distributing of the power to multiple chargers. As the load diminishes, the car chargers are re-connected.

Intellimeter i-meter MF Series

Two versions:

  • i -meter®MF3 (1 3φ meter, with optional neutral current measurement)
  • i -meter®MF6 (2 3ɸ meters, with optional neutral current measurement)

The i-meter®MF series are multifunctional meters, which read real time V, I, W, VA, pf, THD and energy consumption; meeting LEED and billing requirements. The meter is an auto ranging voltage input from 120V-347V L-N, and supports 80mA and 100mA outputs CTs.

Various communication protocols: ModBus RTU or TCP/IP, BACnet MSTP or TCP/IP and pulse output.

Measurement Canada, California (CTEP) and CSA approved.

Intellimeter Socket Meter

  • Available in all standard configurations. Track peak kW Demand, Time-Of-Use, Load Profiling, Four Quadrant metering and Bi-directional functionality.
  • The easy to use 20/20 software is included at no charge with any meter(s) and a DataGate system purchase.
  • To combat theft, i-meter® socked base metering includes a magnetically shielded power supply.
  • Radio connectivity operates on RF (900Mhz) or LoRa technology.
  • Meets ANSI C12. Available with pulse output or ModBus-RTU via RS485.