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Use the links below to manage your community account, submit utility bills, get in touch with your account manager, and submit resident information.

Manager Account Login

View property list, current and past residents, account balances, account history and access reports.


Contact Account Manager

Reach your account manager for account questions, resident changes, and technical support.

24 Hours

Support Center

Submit a question or support ticket to our customer care representatives.

Resident Move-In Info

Submit new resident information to your account manager.

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Resident Move-Out Info

Submit resident move-out information and request a final bill.


Submit Utility Bills

Upload utility bills to your account manager.


Starnik UtilityTrakR / Community Manager Portal Not Working?

Starnik requires Internet Explorer 11 or higher, Edge, or Chrome to be used when accessing the Starnik UtilityTrakR / Community Manager Portal.