Summer Drinks

Utility Savings In Warmer Temperatures

Spring is officially here, which means the temperature is going up. This is typically the time that your tenants will want to start cranking their air conditioners on. And although this will keep the temperature down, it’ll push their electric bill up. So what is the best way to stay cool? Keeping ourselves cool is the first goal in home cooling. And believe it or not, keeping our bodies cool is relatively easy and doesn’t usually require cooling the entire space around you. Here are some great self-cooling tips:

Install ceiling fans

Ceiling fans keep the air circulating and can get rid of any mugginess. Having fans in your units will save on energy costs in the long run. Make sure and check that they are set to circulate in the right direction to cool the air (counterclockwise in the summer). It’s a known fact that using a ceiling fan can help you feel up to 5 degrees cooler.

Dress for the weather

Lightweight fabrics, sandals, etc all make more sense than turning the AC unit low enough to need a sweater. Reminding your tenants of this will keep them mindful and much fresher.

Cool your skin

Keep a wet washcloth in the fridge or freezer for use around the neck, forehead, or feet for personal cooling when coming in from the heat to avoid turning down the AC in a moment of desperation.

Take cool showers

We all love taking a hot shower, but if you’re already hot, wouldn’t it make more sense to take a refreshing shower? Also instead of showering in the morning, shower in the late afternoon or evening before going to bed to cool your body down when it needs it most. But remember the ways to save water and don’t take too frequent showers just to cool down.

Use peppermint essential oil

Just like peppermint gum and mints give you that refreshing cool breath, using it on your body can freshen you up as well. Peppermint oil mixed in distilled water can be spritzed on the skin for a very effective cooling effect. In some cases, you may even be able to apply it directly to the skin, although I recommend avoiding the eyes.

Eat colder foods

Just like in the winter when you drink hot drinks like coffee and hot cocoa to keep warm, doing the opposite will keep you fresh. Things like cold water, frozen smoothies, salads, fruit from the fridge, etc will all help to keep your internal temperature on the lower side.

Making sure your tenants know these self-cooling methods is essential. Not only will they save on their energy costs but they will feel better altogether. These are our favorite cooking methods for the summer to come. What are some of the ways you like to keep cool without wasting money on energy costs?

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