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Saving Energy Is Our Number One Priority

It has been ingrained in our minds and collectively as a society that saving energy is our #1 priority – but aside from a financial standpoint, why is it so important? Submetering is a great way to cut energy costs by essentially taking the bill away from you, the property manager or owner, and allowing your tenants to cover the costs. Since you will not be paying the bill anymore and your tenants will, why should you encourage energy-saving methods if the price is not a priority for them?
Energy = Environment

Unless solar power runs your property, then your energy is coming from an outside source.That external source is more than likely a power plant. Power plants release toxic fumes to get you the energy that you need. Consuming less power will reduce these toxic fumes and protect our ecosystems. Although it seems like a small step, this will be contributing to a better world for future generations.

Protecting our Air

To generate electricity, power plants must burn coal, fossil fuels, and crude oil. Although this is a cheap and easy way to produce electricity, the damage it leaves in our air and planet is substantial. Power plant emissions pollute our air and may be the cause of climate change. Unfortunately, we are still very much reliant on power plants so we must reduce our energy use as much as possible.
Carbon dioxide is the main culprit in our skies and is considered a greenhouse gas. As carbon dioxide is released into the air, it absorbs and keeps the heat in the atmosphere. This is what they call a “greenhouse effect,” and it happens naturally. However, as power plants burn fuel to create more energy, an excess of heat is trapped. This can be detrimental to our planet on many levels. Some include but are not limited to; elevated sea levels, abnormal weather patterns and increased intensity of natural disasters.

Although it does not seem like it, cutting back on energy consumption can make a huge difference. Even the smallest of changes in our daily lives can make a tremendous impact.
Did you know that if every American household traded in just one incandescent light bulb for an efficient CFL, the reduction in pollution would be equivalent to taking 1.3 million cars off the road?
Save the World by Consuming Less.

Letting your tenants know the reason as to why they need to use less energy from a macro perspective is crucial. While saving on their monthly bill is excellent, the impact that they will have on our planet is so much more important. What are some other reasons why you think saving energy is important? Comment below with your favorite energy-saving ways.

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