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Must-List Details You Need For Your Rental Property

As a property manager, you dream of having tenants that are reliable and long-term. However, with turnover being inevitable, you should begin with a listing that will showcase exactly what you have to offer.

So what will make your listing stand out among the thousands of listings in your city? Let’s take a look at the must-list (and overemphasized) details that will have the right renters lining up at your door.

Be Clear About Fees

When renters are looking for a property to live in, the first thing they look at is the price. Make sure the renters who inquire about your property can afford it by clearly stating the asking rent, application fee, security deposit, utility responsibilities, and lease term.

Quality Photos

Post photos on your listing, and lots of them! Using 5-10 pictures of your property just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you have poor-quality pictures, renting out your property will be close to impossible. You may want to leave this to a professional who specializes in real estate photographs. Having an array of photos will eliminate the future headache of wasting your time during a showing of the property.

Square Footage and Floor Plan

Renters love to know the exact size and shape of their new rental. It gives them a definite idea of what they’ll be working with, as far as interior design goes.

Detailed Property Description

If your rental property includes a gym, a tennis court, or a dog park, make sure to add a full description and photos. Doing so could be a determining factor on whether your future renter leases your property or not.

Pets Allowed?

Speaking of dog parks, do you allow pets? If you do, make sure to emphasize this. Pet parents will do anything for their four-legged friends. Including whether or not they’re allowed on your property.


Parking is also a determining factor for a lot of renters, especially families. If you have parking, make sure to include mention it. If you charge for parking, make sure it’s known to the renter before signing. A surprise bill could result in a complaint soon.


Having a map for your future renters to see online with specific landmarks, shops, and grocery stores will get them excited about their new home. Pinpoint anything that will make your renters’ stay more convenient, such as post offices, schools, and parks.


Feeling protected is a standard human need. Make sure you emphasize on your listing whether your property is in a gated community, or if there are security checkpoints before entering. Renters value security and will choose your property over others because of this added feature.

Modern Appliances

The modern person doesn’t want to live in a home with old appliances, so make sure you invest in updating your property as frequently as needed. By having upgraded appliances and features on your property, you will not only attract more renters, but you’ll also avoid frequent maintenance issues.

As renters shop and get a better idea of what they can get for their budget, they’re also making compromises to their list of must-haves. Help your rental property beat its competitors by including the most important details about it. Aside from the features we mentioned above, what do you think will help your listing stand out? Let us know below.

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