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Interview Tips For Both Interview and Interviewers

The interview process can be an intimidating process for the interviewee. For the interviewer, it is an opportunity to discover the next best addition to their team. With that said, in real estate, as with any consumer oriented market, it takes a level of boldness, skill, and knowledge. If you are a property manager looking to discover the next best sales person, this article will give insight on drawing out the best from your interviewee. If you are an interviewee, stay tuned for the most effective methods and ways to showcase your talents during any interview.

For the Interviewer:

When conducting an interview, it is essential to fully understand what your purpose is in hiring this new addition to your property management team. Are they to be a sales representative, marketing agent, or assistant? For the most successful interview, this is how you can prepare!

1. Will you be the only one conducting the interview?

It is important to note if there will be another team member conducting the interview process with you. If there, ensure that you both are on the same page during the process. Keep in mind what you both are looking for, who will ask what, and what the objective of the interview is.

2. Introduce Yourself Professionally

If you want your brand, company, or property to come off as a professional establishment, it is crucial to introduce yourself professionally, shake hands, and always be on time. Do not come across as a laid-back facility if you wish to draw out the best from your interviewee. It is important to come across as assertive but also friendly.

3. Review the Job

Always review the position’s benefits, goals, tasks, and other important elements of the job to give the interviewee a better understanding of the position. With this, you can get an impression of the interviewee just by their ability to listen and grasp the information.

4. Ask General Questions

These questions are the same through all job interviews. Where they come from, their goal with this new position, their name, and their interests are great questions to break the ice during the interview process.

5. Give The Interviewee a Chance To Answer

Your ability to take interest in your interviewee and listen thoroughly will showcase exactly what type of property manager and leader you are. With that, stick to the 80/20 rule. Listen 80% of the time, allow the interview to finish his or her question and then reply.

For the Interviewee:

There are many aspects of an interview process that can be categorized as common sense. With that, we are eager to share effective insight as to how you, the interviewee, can give off the most impressionable interview to any brand executive or HR representative. With that said, these insights will help you to better succeed at your next interview.

1. Always Arrive Early

This one goes without saying and every person in the work force would say the same thing: “arrive early”. It is crucial to give off a great first impression. Most importantly, this gives you a bit of insight as to the mood of the place, the people involved, and the possible interactions you may have.

2. Seem Enthusiastic

Most interviewees will go into an interview feeling like they must be reserved, or they are simply shy and nervous. Although this is a job interview, allow yourself to feel calm and excited about the opportunity. Shake hands and smile accordingly.

3. Be Interactive but Listen Closely

Certain words and methods of speaking will speak volumes about an establishment. With that, be as interactive as possible and listen to closely to the words and phrases the interview is saying. Most importantly, when it comes to the qualifications, process, and job description, listen intently, nod your head in agreement, and reserve your questions for when you are given the opportunity to ask, or ask at the end.

4. Control Your Body and Sit Comfortably

Shaking and tapping are signs of an uncomfortable or nervous person. Try to control and relax your body during the interview and allow your comfort to speak about your personality. Most importantly, do not cross your arms, play with your hair, or put your hands in your pocket.

5. Answer Questions Honestly

Many job interviewees believe in the “tell them what they want to hear” approach. This, although somewhat effective, can hurt your chances as many job interviewers know of the typical answers job interviewees feel pressured to give. It is important to be honest with your opinions, goals, and objectives. If you do not know something, ask for help and do not panic if you cannot answer a question. “I don’t know” can be a good answer as well, when you rather be honest than fake a situation.

Quality Over Quantity

In both cases, whether interview or interviewer, seek to ask and answer quality questions. Quality questions will tell you a lot about the job at hand and of whom you may potentially be working with. For interviewers, seeking out the perfect fit may at times be difficult. However, as a team leader it is essential to take the time to know your potential team member, their accomplishments, habits, and opinions.

For an interview, you are as equally important of an asset as the team leader. Therefore, understand the value that you bring to the table and prepare for the interview by getting to know the company, who they are, what they are about, and your potential work tasks.
For both parties, mutual respect, an understand of the job at hand, and an overall enthusiasm will drive this interview into an exciting and abundant work relationship.

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