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How To Prepare Your Rental Property For Summer

Summertime is the ideal time for people to move homes. There are a few months in between school which means it won’t disrupt their children’s education and it’s around that time that everyone is moving in and out. Finding a way to get your rental occupied becomes top of mind around this time of year. Let’s look at some tips for getting your rental perfect for those summertime movers.

Allow Your Rental To Breathe

While a rental is unoccupied, it is very easy for it to develop that musky smell we all dislike. This smell develops when there is no air circulating throughout a room. While it’ll take a small extra effort from you or your property manager, leaving a window open for a few hours during the day or night will ensure there is no “musky feeling.” Leaving windows open especially helps during the summer months when the heat becomes suffocating. To assist with circulation, turning on a fan in addition to having a few windows open will keep fresh air in and musky smells out.

A Good Ol’ Cleaning

While it may seem that no cleaning is needed since there is no occupancy in the rental, that is definitely not the case. Take the time to have your cleaning crew go in and do a light cleaning every week while the apartment or home is vacant. A little dusting, a quick vacuum or mop, and wiping down the cabinets and kitchen with anti-bacterial and great-smelling scents will keep your rental fresh and oh-so-clean. This will also allow walk-in showings to receive the great first impression you want to give.

Safety First

Make sure the smoke detectors are working correctly. If you live in a hot and sticky area, then checking smoke detectors is critical, since there has been a failure with them in the past because of moisture issues. Since it’s summertime, humidity is at its worse, so this is the time to assure everything is working correctly.

Give the Summertime Feel

Since it is summertime, then have it feel that way inside your rental. That means using light colors in your decor as well as letting in the sunshine from your bright windows. Using colors and sunshine will evoke a feeling of relaxation and fun from your future renters.

Landscaping and Shade

Because it is the beginning of the hottest time of the year, make sure you plant an abundance of summer bedding plants. Having landscaping like that will give your rental that beautiful summer glow. Also, make sure you have some form of shade to defuse the summer heat. The shade would much more ideal if it came in the form of a tree. Landscaping and shading trees will not only bring beauty to your rental, but it will provide fresh smells and less heat to your rental before it’s occupied and during.

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