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How To Deal With Difficult Renters

A great tenant is a prized possession; they are highly desired and you want to keep them in your rental as long as possible. They happily respect your property and pay on time because they also respect you. But then there are those difficult renters who seem picture perfect at first, and all too soon begin a downward spiral of asking for a few days of extension, or even failing to report damages made by them and insinuating you, the renter, are the culprit. Let’s look at the type of bad renters and what you should do if you are faced with any of these situations.

Not Paying On Time Or At All

For the type of renter that racks up high balances, the key is to not make any exceptions. Always be consistent with the rules you set as the standard. Although they may come to you with out-of-this-world stories about why they can’t pay, making exceptions will only encourage this negative behavior. Send out notices, charge late fees and make sure you communicate with your renter through email for record-keeping purposes. This will help you if the situation goes to collections or court. Having proof that you were fair from the beginning will also keep justice on your side.

Owes Rent and Skips Out

Every state is different so if you’re left with a renter that vacates without payment, make sure to know your own state laws. Gather evidence, such as emails, take photos, and document everything occurring. Also, check to see how much time can pass before the belongings left in your rental are officially your property.

Lawsuit Threats

It’s an absolute headache when you have a renter who makes false claims, but the only way to go about this is to know your state laws and know them well. As long as you’re following the Fair Housing Laws and Fair Credit Reporting Act, you will be fine. Always make sure to document everything and have agreements in writing. Keeping a good attitude towards the tenant will keep you sane, as well as ease the tension between the two of you.

Damaged Property

This happens more than we’d like. Make sure that before the renter moves in, you have a checklist ready with photos for them to review. Once reviewed have them sign agreeing to the conditions of the apartment. This will assure that they received the apartment in top condition. Also, to assure you’re protected, make sure you ask for proof of renters insurance before they move into your rental. This will give you peace of mind that in case something happens, you’re covered and not left with a hefty bill. Kitchen fires are the most common, with over a million occurring every year. If this occurs, again, like everything document and document well. You can never be too careful.

Noise Complaints

This also happens all too often. The best way to deal with this is to ensure they receive notices giving them a 1st, 2nd, and final notice. After the final notice, follow your policy (whether that’s fining the renter) or your state laws, which may allow you to give them an eviction notice.

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