Looking Back on Some Memorable Firsts…

Remembering my first industry event, my first trip to NYC, and the first seeds planted in a long and rewarding career.

In the spring of 1987, I was fortunate to go on my first trip to New York City to attend my first national industry-related event. Alongside my mother and my girlfriend, this memorable trip was a blend of professional enlightenment and personal adventure, marked by industry meetings, city exploration, and moments in Central Park; and culminating in a memorable lunch at Tavern on the Green and a drink (iced tea for us teenagers) at the Plaza Hotel. 

Arriving in New York City, the sheer magnitude and energy of the city struck me. It buzzed with an energy that was both exciting and intimidating. We checked into our hotel, located near the event’s venue, and prepared for a fun-filled and educational few days in the city. 

The event was a hub of activity, drawing industry professionals from across the country. The schedule was packed with seminars, workshops, and networking opportunities for the attendees. My mother, at that time six years into her career with the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas, introduced me to key figures in the industry on a national scope. 

Beyond the conference location, New York City introduced us to its iconic landmarks and diverse neighborhoods. We visited Times Square, where the neon lights and bustling crowds created an electrifying atmosphere. A stroll down Fifth Avenue revealed luxury stores and historic buildings, showcasing the city’s blend of modernity and tradition.

One of the most memorable days of our trip was spent in Central Park. This urban oasis offered a welcome departure from the city’s hustle and bustle. We walked through the park’s winding paths, saw historic sections of the park (of course we had to walk across the street to the Dakota), and enjoyed the scenic views. The sound of birds and children playing were a delightful juxtaposition to the typical bustle of the city.

Central Park

As the afternoon sun covered the landscape we made our way to Tavern on the Green, an iconic restaurant nestled in the heart of Central Park. The restaurant’s recognizable unique facade and elegant interiors promised an unforgettable dining experience for these Texans. We enjoyed an amazing lunch, indulging in gourmet dishes that perfectly complemented the impressive surroundings.

Attending the event in New York City was an eye-opening experience. The knowledge gained, coupled with the personal adventures shared with my mother and girlfriend, made this trip truly special. Central Park, with its tranquil beauty, and Tavern on the Green, with its amazing cuisine, added a touch of magic to our journey.

In hindsight, this trip was not just about professional growth but also about creating lasting memories with loved ones. The blend of business engagement and city exploration made it an enriching experience that I look back fondly on to this day. In reminiscing on this trip, I realized that it was an opportunity to plant the seeds for what would end up being a very long and happy career.

NYC is a special place for me, and I hope you can one day experience the same magic. Stop by BANYAN Utility in Booth #3139 for your chance to win a weekend in Central Park! We promise it will be a walk to remember…

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